How your coat helps

Once we have collected coats from the public, the volunteers get to work at our sorting sessions. We spend many hours sorting coats into different categories for men, women, children and babies. We check pockets and make sure the coat is clean and in a good enough condition to be given away.

Our philosophy is ‘would YOU wear this?’

Following the collection period, coats are sorted and distributed to charities across the UK. We work with charities and community organisations that provide frontline services to the homeless, the elderly, refugees, children and families living in poverty and people fleeing domestic violence.

Wrap Up do not distribute the coats to those in need directly, because we want to help charities create lasting links with those they set out to help. When a vulnerable person reaches out to a charity for a coat this winter, they will also discover the other resources and forms of support available to them.

It’s amazing that a coat YOU donated could kick-start a relationship between those in need and the charities that can help them by providing year-round services and support.

Our impact continues to grow thanks to the generosity of people like you, who take the time to find and donate their unwanted coats, and the incredible volunteers that give their time. Our campaign is run by small teams of hardworking volunteers throughout the country.

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