An Introduction to Wrap Up 

What Is Wrap Up UK ?

Wrap Up UK is an annual project run by Rotary Clubs working in partnership with Hands On London.

Its sole aim is to collect coats for distribution to charities supporting people across the UK who struggle to keep warm during the winter months.

The Wrap Up Story

Wrap Up Lancashire began life in 2018 in East Lancashire. Owing to its success the project grew in 2019 to the whole of Cumbria and Lancashire with additional clusters in the Greater Manchester area and Chelmsford.

In 2020 a partnership agreement was signed by RotaryGB&I and Hands on London to allow for expansion nationwide.

About Hands On London

Founded in 2010, Hands on London are a registered charity based in London and who conceived Wrap Up in the same year.

For more information please visit:

Wrap Up – Facts And Figures

2018 2021
7 clubs involved 52
52 volunteers 254
10 charities benefitted 121
2300 items collected 27600

The Wrap Up Package (*)

  • bespoke website page

  • ‘branded’ artwork & templates
  • dedicated email address
  • bags & branded collection boxes
  • support from Wrap Up UK team
  • (*) see Costings Sheet for details

What’s In It For Rotary?

  • raises the profile of Rotary
  • helps engage with local communities
  • encourages clubs to work together
  • a fantastic service opportunity
  • potential for attracting new members

Why Is Wrap Up Successful?

  • people want to help people
  • it creates opportunities for collaboration between clubs and volunteers
  • everyone is able to contribute
  • there is no cost to members of the public

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