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Wrap Up Cardiff is a campaign run by Rotary Clubs in Cardiff in partnership with the registered charity Hands On London. The central idea of Wrap Up is simple: there are many people in dire need of warm clothing in winter, and others who have warm coats in good condition which they want to give away.

Thick warm winter coats (including gilets, fleeces and anoraks) donated to Wrap Up are being collected by Rotary volunteers and each garment is inspected to ensure it is clean and in a good condition to be given away.

Our Charity Partners who will receive donated coats include Huggard, The Wallich, Space4UClothing Cardiff, SSAFA, children of Afghan refugees in Cardiff and other local charities helping people in crisis.

Our motto of “Is this coat good enough for you to wear” ensures that only good quality coats are distributed to the charitable organisations. We are not collecting any other type of clothing this year.

We do not give coats direct to families, because we firmly believe that the charitable organisations can identify support and resources to benefit those in need or signpost them to organisations that could help, thereby creating a lasting relationship between those in need and the organisation that could transform their lives.

We are wrapping up safely too by working hard to make sure everything about Wrap Up is completely COVID-19 safe.

So, if you have a thick warm winter coat you no longer need, please donate it to our Wrap Up campaign by taking it to the collection point at Safestore on 356 Newport Road, Cardiff CF23 9AE or contacting us on link below.

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