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“Do you realise you may just have saved one person’s life?……… …With the cold weather we had over the winter months I personally as a person who has lived on the streets for a number of years know how much a thing like a warm coat is so important…….. It also let’s those people who benefited from a new coat know that people do actually care about them. WE have lost a number of people recently in the Blackburn area through cold weather and the inability to stay warm.

So I would like to thank all those people and especially the volunteers who give their time to such good causes on behalf of THOMAS and its service users.”

Keith Nimmo, Support Worker, THOMAS
“WOW – how fantastic has this project been and the amount of services & people that have benefited through your time, commitment & kindness to make this happen!

You have taken the time to get to know, befriend us & understand what it is we need to support our young people. You have helped make a difference to so many young people’s lives with the fantastic donations of winter coats, warm clothing, sleeping bags and everything else you have collected & sorted.

I am sure many lives will have been saved & changed from just being able to access these items.”

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to receive such a nice warm coat for the winter & some amazing new clothes. I had absolutely nothing but the clothes on my back and people have been so kind to help us. …..

I now have a new job and I know I can now go everyday looking clean & tidy. I was very low and had nothing not long ago, I lost everything, my home my belongings and my relationship, I now feel confident and can start again with the support I have received to help me.”

Annonymous, Nightsafe

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